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How to get rid of trailing lines on dimensions


Hi all,
This is probably stupidly simple, but I can't find it.

I've got my dimension text sitting on top of my dimension arrows (text placement: Parallel Above), and it seems like the line lengths do not behave as I would expect. My main concern right now is I get weird trailing lines when I have the text off to one side like this:
How can I get rid of this? the problem seems to be worse on diameter and radial dimensions:
It looks way ugly and unprofessional and I'd like to get rid of it, but I can't work out how. Any ideas?


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Short answer is, no, you can't change it, unfortunately it's fixed!

Although ISO 129-1 states the text as being in an area (but does not specify that its justified in the direction of the line end) ...


But the ISO 129-1 standard does use extensive examples showing it flush with the line end (which does look cleaner and less cluttering) ...


Not sure what base drawing standard Alibre actually conforms to, someone will tell us, but whilst the settings are flexible enough to allow for local variations in standards, this is one area that isn't fully customisable.

P.S. Arial isn't the standard ISO font either! Hence I change mine to use 'Miso' (set in a thousand places ... but that's another story!)


Hi Simon,
Urgh, okay. Can't believe that was the intention of the standard (I'm guessing from the GD&T that Alibre conforms to ASME whatever-it-is rather than ISO).
Really ought to get a copy of those standards someday... and then read them...

Thanks for the tip on the font - I will fix that.



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The behaviour is as if space is being reserved for prefix or suffix to be added to the dimension. If you do add either (depending upon where the text sits on the line), the overall result is much more pleasing.

Not suggesting that is any sort of workaround, but perhaps it wouldn't be a huge change to improve how 'parallel above' and 'horizontal above' justify the text relative to the line end.
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I've alerted the guardian of improvement requests to this thread. Don't expect anything in v22 - but as per above hopefully this might be relatively easy to improve. Obviously no promises - things aren't always as simple as they might appear.