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Improvements to pattern


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Ciao a tutti. Ultimamente utilizzo Lightburn per muovere il laser e trovo molto comoda la gestione dell'array
1) È possibile impostare o meno la distanza dal centro
2) È possibile inserire la distanza totale e avere l'array già fatto.
Allego uno screenshot per chi volesse vedere ed invito gli sviluppatori a provare questo genere di impostazioni che secondo me sono molto utili soprattutto con la lavorazione a gradini.
Spero che qualcun altro possa provare questo per implementarlo nella scheda del modello di Alibre!


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That would be kind of nice if it could be implemented.
You should probably post this in the Feedback section and send in an enhancement request via the Support page


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If you submit a request - include full details, including what do all those extra options actually do? (the terms are not obvious to me). What are the key features that are either much easier with that control, or are currently not possible at all in Alibre that are enabled by it?


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Hi everyone. Lately I have been using Lightburn to move the laser and I find it very convenient to manage the array
1) You can set the distance from the center or not
2) You can enter the total distance and have the array already done.
I am attaching a screenshot for those who want to see and I invite the developers to try this kind of settings which in my opinion are very useful especially with step processing.
Hope someone else can try this to implement it in Alibre's model board!""""


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Hi, I saw that many liked the idea of giving directions for implementing utilities that help work in patterns as happens in LightBurn. I will write a detailed list to Alibre support I would be happy if this thing was shared as much as possible to have more hope of seeing it active and maybe work on it together and submit it to more signatures. What do you think?


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Go ahead and submit the enhancement request. Once you submit it to Support there is no way for anyone else to vote on it. I think the only comments will be on the forum. And the Suggestion site is no longer active where users could log in to vote and add comments on the various enhancement requests.


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Here are my suggestions if the Assembly Pattern dialog is getting reworked.
I have rearranged the dialog so things are in better order of use. Mainly quantity first since it enables or disables other settings.
Rows quantity should always start with 2 instead of 1. If I only needed 1 I wouldn't need a pattern.
Toggling Space Evenly would disable the Spacing and enable the Total Spacing - which would make the Spacing equal to Total Spacing divided by the quantity.
Toggling Dual Direction would make half the quantity go the primary direction and the other half going the opposite direction. If the Quantity was an even number then the extra item would go in the primary direction as indicated by the Change Direction setting.

The Feature Pattern dialog should get the same treatment.


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Great suggestions for improvement, but ...

Rows quantity should always start with 2 instead of 1. If I only needed 1 I wouldn't need a pattern.

... it may be that you just want a single row with multiple columns or a single row and column but multiple layers!

So, the terms Row, Column and Layer are all abstract/arbitrary direction descriptors, as they really depend and are orientated by the selected linear path!! They really need to be 1st, 2nd and 3rd direction. The 1st being the primary and controlling direction and therefore should always being 2 or more. That would make more sense and remove any confusing ambiguity.