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K-Factor Chart


Hello Group, I was wondering if anyone has a good chart to go by in selecting K-Factor in sheet metal. It seems like the places I worked at throughout the years has been all over the place. Does anyone have a proven chart for different types of metal (I am looking for stainless steel (430) now).

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Where I worked we had charts for all the materials and gauges (MS, SS, AL) and the dies they were formed on. But we also had material rolled to a specific thickness so any number for "standard" thicknesses wouldn't work out.
If you are doing work for some one else I would ask them what their preferred K factor/BA/BD is for the materials they are forming.
Usually, if the manufacturing managers/engineers, have their acts together, they would have formed some coupons of the material they are bending on all available dies and derived a set of BA and K factors for their material. That is something you could ask them to give you.

If you are doing work for yourself and bending on a hand brake then you could develop your own table of K factors by sampling some of your own bending coupons.

Short of that there are some online calculators that you could use.

Here are a couple: