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Keyshot - Rendering settings


Dear all,

while viewing your pictures in the gallery, I was surprised how nice pictures you can render.

Can anyone provide some basic settings for the render and the minimum number of frames needed to make the result as beautiful as in the gallery?

My edges are usually not that sharp and the texture on the parts is mostly blurry or bland (e.g. brushed stainless steel).

I assume you are using the version of Keyshot that is available on the Alibre website?

Thanks everyone for any advice. And I wish you much success in your work.


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Go over to the KeyShot web site, they have some good training videos there. Be aware that they are for the Professional version but still work for the CAD version although it is somewhat limited to resolution.

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Here are the setting I use, they give pretty good quick results, edges are great, but the surfaces still look a bit speckled!



Dear HaroldL and Simonb65,

thank you for your answers and for the time you took to respond to the question.

Simonb65, thank you for your specificity. Now the rendered images really look a bit better.