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License problem after Windows fresh install


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... can't license Alibre Atom3d after fresh install of Windows on laptop that had Alibre installed prior. Any help welcome.

Screenshot 2023-03-04 122106.png


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Ideally, you should have released the licence activation before re-installing Windows. The computer ID changes with each Windows installation.

If you have current software updates you can use the on-line licensing portal to release the old activation

If you don't have current software updates, then contact Alibre support and request to have the licence activation released.


How many computers can I run Expert on ?
I run a computer in the house and a small laptop in the garage to run my CNC router.
It would be great to bring the small laptop in to do tutorials on in the evening so I can sit next to my wife while she's watching soaps.
In the hope of being ignorant without being ignorant! ! ! :rolleyes:


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Jim, unless you purchase extra seats, the licence can only be active on one computer at any time - BUT you can very easily swap the activation between computers where the software is installed.

If you have current maintenance, you can even use the on-line licensing portal to remotely release activation from the one in the garage, if you forgot to do so before coming into the house.

The enhanced mobility licence automates the licence transfer process BUT it absolutely requires continuous internet access, so is not a good choice for many people