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Lofting a rounded rectangle to an oval

I'm having trouble getting a nice loft from a rounded rectangle to an oval shape. I tried this earlier with a rounded square to a circle and it worked perfect. I've tried the various options letting Alibre create the loft from the surface to the sketch but the edges won't turn out right. I tried this with both a regular oval shape (the sketch that's suppressed in the attached file) and one drawn out with nodes where I want the loft to connect (the sketch that's not suppressed). I tried making a 3D sketch to guide it in the right direction but it's still not working. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Loft Example.AD_PRT
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Jim -- Do you mean Ellipse or Obround when you say Oval? There is a difference and Oval is a consistently mis-used term.


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Here you go. I think your problem is due to having simplify surface' checked.


  • Loft Example.AD_PRT
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Wow. Thanks a ton! I could have sworn that I tried that but I think I only tried it when Specify Tangent was checked on one or both of the sketches.

Edit (follow-up): Now that you got it working for me, it doesn't appear to make a difference whether Simplify surface is checked or not. I think my main hang up was checking the Specify Tangent boxes. I also found that it matters which sketch you select first when creating the loft. If you select the sketch away from the object and then the face (or the sketch made from the face, it doesn't appear to matter), you still get a lot of twist but if you select them the opposite way (as you did) there's no twist.
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