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Lofting intersecting planes


Documentation says it cant be done. Any suggestions on how I would accomplish this?


Lofting the sketch on YZ to the sketch on XZ along the 1/4 ellipse on YX plane and the origin.

Any help would be appreciated.


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It is possible - just make certain that the end points of the guide curve are coincident with the end points of the two profile sketches. While editing the Guide path sketch you need to Project to Sketch the part of the profile sketch that is on the axis as reference lines. Then you should be able to constrain the guide curve.

possible Loft.png


  • PossibleLoft.AD_PRT
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Thanks for the reply. After looking at your part I did see something that I was doing wrong. Although I did project the first two sketches onto the third plane to create the sweep contour, I made this third sweep sketch closed. I have since corrected this but I still can not get the loft to generate.


  • 175x125 try 2.AD_PRT
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Well it will Loft without the guide curve and with the guide curve set to Local. :confused:
I think this one should be sent to Support for evaluation, I'm not sure what to make of the status message.



I can get the loft to not fail by making sure the two profile sketches do not coincide at the z-axis (maybe you've already tried that): -

Lofting intersecting planes.JPG
The vertical edge of one profile is offset from the axis by a tiny amount in the above image. Not exactly what you're after.
Maybe it's something to do with the two profiles 'sharing an edge' so cannot loft correctly?
Even then, it doesn't look like the profiles have 'matched-up'. Maybe more guide curves needed?


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So the question is then why could I create the Loft I uploaded with the two profile sketches collinear to the axis and Todd could not? This is something I have done on several occasions without any problem. There is something that Alibre is having an issue with in the sketches and from the status message it sounds like an arc is at fault, which one needs to be determined.:confused::confused::confused:


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Been to lazy with the angled planes for the guide curves (elliptical -> therefore 2D sketches)
needed because different heights in sketch 1 and 3...
then it looks like:
with exact angles for the planes it would look better