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Lofting through an angle between two intersecting planes


This is hard to describe. In the attached model I want to loft from sketch 2 to sketch 3.
I get the "multiple loops is not supported for lofts" (Loft 20 fails)

I can't figure out how to get around this.

A pointer in the right direction is much obliged.


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Your problem is the two loops in Sketch 2
I would leave Sketch 2 out and simply extrude Sketch 3 to geometry


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As @WillB pointed out, you have two loops in Sketch 2. Only one loop is accepted for sketches in the loft. Looking at your Sketch 2, you have it mirrored as if you want the loft to be mirrored.

mirrored sketch.jpg

In order to complete the loft either delete the mirrored sketch figures or convert them to Reference geometry. Then select the simplify option.

simplify loft.jpg

If you want the loft mirrored you will need to insert a new plane offset from the YZ plane and use Point 16 or 17 to locate it. You can select the new plane as the mirror plane to mirror the loft.

insert plane.jpg

My guess is that because the sketches for the loft have a collinear segment, the loft doesn't handle it very well. Simplify allows it to complete. Maybe some guru can explain it better.


Many thanks for the replies. Yes, I was wondering if the collinear segment was a problem.

The recommendation to extrude to sketch 3 was a nice solution. Simple, and duh, I was not thinking that one could just extrude to a plan that was not parallel.