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Make input-windows flexible


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In Alibre there are lot of windows for keeping track of several types of elements during construction.
I.e radii / fillets / parts.
When editing in such windows it can be a pain to hit the wanted element when scrolling a long list in a small window.
Could you please make all such windows flexible. Should not be much work for the software-people. (I think?)
I am sure all users will appreciate this.

An example enclosed:
When I make precise section view I usually involve all parts in the assembly.
I then want to remove a few parts from the section view - and sometimes it is not easy to find the wanted part (scrolling).
This would be easier if I could increase the size of the window.




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For absolute clarity - can I check that by 'flexible' you mean re-sizeable ?
Yes - I want the window to show more items, mainly vertically.
Being able to drag one of the lower corners for increasing area of the textwindow both ways, and thus show long item-names would also be nice.


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OK - I'll ask the Product Manager to look at this thread. A quick check suggest this isn't currently logged (but I could have missed something).

My feeling is this is more of a strategic thing to be done as part of a systematic UI update, rather than do it ad hoc.



OrjanB is definitely right and this change would help him a lot to make his work more comfortable.

But I can think of one thing I would like to ask for your attention.

Because sometimes I am forced to create many DXF files from developed sheet metal parts (only outer contour edges are necessary, for the cutting machine). I have decided to automate this process via the AHK tool. Unfortunately the ControlClick function (on a button in a specific window) sometimes doesn't work at all. Therefore, I have to use the ControlClick function (on coordinates in a specific window). I don't know if this would be a problem with different window sizes. And I don't know if other users use similar tools where this could be a problem for them.

I can think of solutions:
Make windows that don't change their size but are big enough (but other users might not be happy with a big window).

Make windows that can change their size but remember their size after they are set, and stay unchanged in that set size until the next change (made by a user purposely).

Make the window so that the position of buttons that need to be clicked the same way (e.g. Create blank sheet, scale part on drawing, etc.) does not change.

Or the last option and the one that would please me the most. Greatly simplify the export of part contour edges (especially of a developed sheet metal part) to a DXF file. Simply right click on the developed part in the 3D model window and choose to export the contour area to DXF (export only the contour edges, not even the lines where the bend is).

I also want to point out that I have no idea how developer intensive the above described things are. I understand that something can be quite complex. But, I just wanted to provide further insight into the issue.

Please excuse my English. I hope the above is understandable.