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Monitor - icon size - resolution


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I have upgraded from a more than ten year old Intel i7 to AMD Ryzen 7 / 64 Gb RAM / 1 Tb SSD / RTX 3070 graphic card / Win 11.
A noticeable improvement.
Next on the list is a new monitor, upgrading from 22 inch HD to 27 inch QHD (2k) or UHD (4k).

With higher resolution, will the Alibre icons be small/too small when displayed in native format?
Can the icons in Alibre be scaled without beeing blurry?
Will perhaps a 27 inch QHD-monitor (1440x2560) show the icons at OK size as native?
Or could the UHD be the best choice for overall use, i.e. excel - word - image processing / photography?

Have also looked at a curved widescreen 34 inch - WQHD 3440x1440.
Can this type be used for CAD/Alibre without geometric issues like circles being oval?

No gaming - perhaps Flight Simulator one day…..

Any user experience or views are welcome.

Regards Orjan
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I switched to a 28" 4K monitor last year. I increased the Windows display scaling, and I use the larger settings for most icons etc. in Alibre. The size options were added when 4K monitors began to be popular, before that there were complaints here that icons were difficult to distinguish on 4K monitors.


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I could be all wet on this but one thing that I think gets confusing when moving to a higher resolution monitor is the change in pixels per inch (PPI). Also, without a corresponding change in icon size they will appear smaller on the higher res monitors. A 16 x 16 pixel icon on a1920 x 1200 monitor will still be 16 x 16 pixels on the higher res monitor, it will just be smaller pixels. You now need a larger icon to appear the same size, or nearly the same size, as it was on the smaller res monitor. As @DavidJ points out, Alibre does allow for icon size changes for 4K monitors.

Here's a article on monitor resolution that may help understand the issues when upgrading to a new monitor. Or just do an internet search on the subject for multiple opinions.