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Purpose of Scripts

As someone relatively new to Alibre, am I correct in this observation of scripts? They are used to create new geometry, not to interrogate the current data.


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One of my "main use" scripts is for shaft keyways. An input window pops up for selection and I choose a reference face, the cylinder the keyway is to be in, the offset of the key from the reference face, the key length, whether it has rounded or washed out ends and if it is imperial or metric and then press OK. The correct size key slot is created automatically. There is also the option for "non standard keys" which can be manually selected.

I have another one for internal keyways as well.

Another one reads diameter and distance values from an excel file and builds a shaft from it. We do a lot of multi stepped shafts. I can check overall lengths etc with the excel file before running the script. It helps to limit dyslexic finger mistakes.

Due to the programming involved, I think it's best to ask yourself, "What procedure would make my work easier if it was automated?" and go from there.

I've had help with nearly all my scripts from the python gurus here, but I got what I wanted in the end.


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Yes, also of note there are many scripts users have already made. Search the forum or ask if there is something specific you're looking for - it might already exist.
Thanks Nate & Albie. I did a search of the forum and found nothing to do what I want to do. I want to create a sketch in Alibre sketch, then send the lines, arcs, and circle co-ordinates to a file which I can then load into software I have written. As of now I have not found any scripts that send sketch data to an external file.
HI Nate
My program can already read a .DXF file and that now works but is somewhat cumbersome in that I now have to first create drawing file, then the DXF. I am just looking for faster and cleaner way to get the data. I looked at svg and it appears to be more of a scalable, vector graphics file, than a xyz & x'y'z' type data format. I am guessing that Alibre has an internal xyz & x'y'z' format somewhere. Thanks for your time and consideration.