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Recess part of component


Sketch 1 is the outline
Sketch 2 is thinning the bottom part by -2 mm - Tried various options but can't get this to work.
Sketch 3 is a test and it works fine.

Stumped !!!

Once this is right, Is there a quick way to duplicate sketch 2 on the other side ?

The part is 10 mm thick with the bottom 6 mm, with 2mm removed off each side.

Thanks Wallace


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Extrusion 2 is sitting on the XY plane and because it is a cut, it goes backwards.
Extrusion 3 is sitting on the front face and cutting backwards into the object.

Right click on Extrusion 2 and choose Edit, then move the model around so you can see the cut preview and you will understand.


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Once this is right, Is there a quick way to duplicate sketch 2 on the other side ?
Use 'project to sketch' and project the previous sketch.

If your original extrusion had been 'mid-plane', using feature mirror across XY plane from your recess cut might have been an option.

For your recess cut - just un-check the 'reverse' option.


Thanks - Rookie mistake.

I completed the part and then started renaming the operations. When I changed Sketch 6 to hole, I got an error. I deleted the hole and then recreated it. I get the same message.


I opened my saved file (Ver3 before renaming) and all looked good. Then I went back to Ver 4, the faulty one (was still open and file as attached) and now I can do the hole without an issue.!


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