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Repeatable Computer Crash - New Laptop


We just received a new brand new Lenovo W520 laptop for work and are having an issue with Alibre. The program crashed on me a couple of times and locked up the entire computer. I figured out that the issue is in the part editor in the 2D sketch. If I draw a line and then don't hit ESC or end the line before I go to select the dimensioning icon the entire computer locks up and I have to do a hard reboot of the laptop. I just thought I would ask if anyone has any suggestions because I may run into more issues if I have something set up wrong. I don't know if it will help but I have listed some of the laptops specs below.

Win 7 Pro 64-bit
Alibre Design 64-bit
6gb Ram
Nvidia Quadro 1000M


Thanks bigseb. I was afraid that may be the issue. I will have to see if I can adjust some settings to get it to run a little smoother. I need the quadro card for the primary application this laptop was built for so replacing it is not an option at this point. Has anyone had any experience trying to trick one of these cards into running alibre?


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You can try rivatuner. Apparently Nvidia has only a limited number of graphics card, all unlocked with different features. Rivatuner can unlock these features. Lets me switch my Geforce 8400 (directx) to Quadro 190 (opengl). But be careful. As with all modding tools you can really muck things up if you start playing around with clock/fan speeds. Especially with a laptop.


Thanks again bigseb. I wanted to see what nvidia display settings were available first before I tried rivatuner and think I have had some success. Just thought I would post what I did to fix my issue (for now at least) for anyone else that comes across this same or a similar issue. From the nvidia control panel I was able to set up a custom profile for Alibre to run in and when I changed the "Preferred graphics processor for the program" to force the computer to use the integrated graphics card instead of the high performance nvidia card (Quadro 1000m) my problem seems to have gone away. I haven't had much time to mess around with any other settings but I think my issue is resolved for now. Thanks again for the help!