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Scroll bars when viewing a sketch / part


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I have to blow up a sketch a good deal to view various extrude cut, etc. (sketch view prior to actual modeled extrude cut). What I cannot see is any way to view scroll bars in the drawing. For now a workaround is to use my arrow keys, but scroll bars are what is needed. Clearly Alibre knows about scroll bars - they ARE visible on the left pane - displaying the features of that part. Am I missing something here? I see no mention of them anywhere I look. Using Alibre Atom V22.


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Just use the mouse buttons to pan, rotate and zoom a view.

Pan = Press and hold down the middle scroll wheel and move the mouse.
Rotate = Hold both Left and Right buttons down and move the mouse.
Zoom = middle scroll wheel.


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Once you get used to using the mouse buttons as Simon suggested, you'll wonder how you ever did it any other way.

I've noticed since upgrading to Windows 11, with both Alibre and CamBam, that if I hit both mouse buttons exactly simultenously to rotate, it doesn't work. I have to get the right button a fraction of a second before the left.

Its probably something in my Windows 11 pointer settings.