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in the piece I modified the 1.00 inch dimension by double click and changed to 1.020" . it made the change but does not display correctly.
the dimension on the left that displays 1.02 is a grayed out dimension, can't change it but the 1.000 dimension I can change but does not show the correct dimension


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What is the dimension that is being edited driving? To what is it attached? It looks like the extension lines end in the middle of the part.
The one in parenthesis is just a reference dimension and is driven by something not shown in your image.


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i fixed it by deleting it, but when I edit the 1 inch dimension to 1.02, and click the Ok, the lines move but the dimensionstays the same display of 1.00, but if you doulble click the dimension it reads 1.02.
the grayed out dimension is there to show what the actual dimension is which is 1.02 but the display of the dimension that I edited still shows 1.00, but if I doulbe click it reads 1.020
this is not a big deal except normally when you edit a dimension it shows what you have edited.
the attached file if before I deleted the wrong dimension.

i don't know if the attached video will play, but the extension for it is and MP4


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- opened sketch1 for edit
- deleteted the dim in The one in parenthesis
- edited the 1.020000 to 1.0000000
- closed the sketch
- reopened the sketch for edit and: