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From time to time, I challenge myself to reproduce some old designs. Currently, I'm attempting to reproduce the gear tumbler hosing shown in the attached.pdf.
I've already modelled the gears.
Interpretation of the drawing is one thing but reproducing in Alibre is quite another. I'm hoping to get some hints and tips on how to proceed.
The images are just a couple from a book I picked up at a second-hand bookshop a week or so back.
If you want to see high-res versions of the files, they are here...



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  • PlateXXXIVLowRes.pdf
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After studying the drawings for a while, I usually start with the part or parts that are the easiest to visualize on the drawing. Finding all the dimensions is the real challenge when working on some of these vintage drawings. Sometimes the dimension you need turns up in a different view. It doesn't help not having more than a couple of views to work from, you end up having to infer some dimensions, mostly radii of fillets.

If you can print the drawings that can be helpful too. I try to print on 11 X 17, in sections if I can, so the images are enlarged. If you have a second monitor to open the PDF on so you can zoom in on the drawing that will also help. And now that we can more easily scale images I have copied and cropped parts of drawings out and imported the resulting images into a part session for tracing.

How large are the drawings in the book? Your low res PDF's look pretty good on my 31" monitor.


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Agree, the missing radii dimensions make it tricky. Dimensions that are given do seem to be accurate though.
For the housing, my initial thought was to take the basic cross section and revolve to obtain a shell to which other features could be added. Whilst this helped me visualise the problem, I'm not sure it is the best way to construct. I'm thinking it might be useful to import the images into Alibre (using correct scale and planes) and then build up the housing as a series of layers.
The originals are about letter size. The book was originally published in 1898 if I remember correctly. The copy I have is the second edition: I'm not certain but probably 1920 or thereabouts.
The complete machine is described with many more drawings. If you want, I'll scan more - even a couple of full colour illustrations.
I'm away now for a few days but can get back to this next Tuesday.