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Some time ago someone posted a link to a company selling all types of fastenings that could be downloaded & posted directly into Alibre drawings. Unfortunately that was some time ago & I have since changed computers so have lost the link. Could anyone please direct me to the thread, or better still a link to the company please


Mcmaster.com has every fastener imaginable and models can be downloaded as STEP, IGES, or a few other formats, but no Alibre native format. Click on the part number and you'll see where to download.



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As you're in UK:


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Nevermind it looks like Fastenal has changed their website and it currently doesn't show the CAD files.
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I am not sure. McMaster Carr works with step files directly which do work (sort of)/3D wise anyway for printing. I have found some random bits on the traceparts website.

They have many different formats and parts to look over in CAD type formats.

In the add on manager the Web link there takes you to a website that has native Alibre parts as well as others, loads of choice. Trace parts it's called