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Creating a Card Guide in Alibre Sheet Metal

Card guides are a special sheet metal form feature. I don't know if there is a need to create them in Alibre sheet metal or if anyone has already created them but here is a video on my take on how to do it.

I uploaded a zip file containing the part and PDF in the Resources section.

Here's an example image:

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One Pitch Thread Form for Sheet Metal

I uploaded in the Resources section a collection of thread forms for sheet metal. There are sizes for numbers 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 sheet metal screws in both 18 and 16 gauge sheet metal. The description on the resources page should give all the info needed to use the thread forms as Boolean Unite features in sheet metal.

Thread Form Assy.jpg


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Adding Gussets to Sheet Metal

I added a configured gusset part to the Resources library along with its description.
An internet search on "sheet metal gusset" will bring up quite an array of various gusset shapes, some of them near impossible to actually form in a sheet metal part. The gusset design I followed is based on tooling that I have seen and used to produce gussets in my experience as a brake press operator and CAD designer.

For those unfamiliar with sheet metal gussets, here is
a link to the type of tooling I have used to create gussets. And here is one showing the actual gusset being formed.

I also recorded a video tutorial to describe its creation, modification, and application. Hopefully someone may find it useful.