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Turn off Sketch Auto Constraint in Atom 3D


Hello! Is there a way to turn off Auto Constraint in Atom 3D? All I can find are suggestions on pressing Ctrl + Shift and go to Sketch Menu. Well, Atom 3D doesn't have that.


Alibre Super User
@HaroldL That doesn't help them since there is no dropdown menu in Atom 3D.
Oh yeah, that's right. It looks like the Help manual needs some updating/correcting so it includes the 'availability legend' indicating which options are available in which level of Alibre.

When I see an Atom 3D question and look in the help that is the indication I look for to tell if the command, option, or function, is available. Since I didn't see that for constraint setting I thought it was available. In fact, I didn't see the 'availability legend' for any of the 2D constraint sections in the help manual.
@Max maybe someone should look into this little 'oversight'.