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Two Machine licensing issues


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For those of us who use two machines, depending on the workflow (Desktop and Laptop) I am finding the new licensing procedure very onerous. Doesn't even come close to being user friendly.

Now to go to my laptop, I have to release the license on my desktop, then reauthorize it on my laptop and wait while Alibre does its behind the scenes stuff. It doesn't remember the license key from use to use so you also have to open another text file (or memorize the key) so you can cut/paste the key in. Then you reverse the procedure when you go back to the office and want to use the desktop. Oh, and don't forget to release your license, or you're screwed.

My workflow has me going from desktop to laptop to desktop and back to desktop in a typical day. Wasn't an issue with the old arrangement.

What 's really irritating is my license is for 3 seats but now I'm told the new licensing procedure may be three seats but only one user at a time. Fine, I accept that - I understand the need to maintain your property rights and foil any piracy, but come on guys, this isn't even close to being user-friendly. At least it could remember the key to help speed up the process and cut down the number of mouse clicks. I pay my maintenance, no ones trying to cheat you out of anything, why can't the program be more friendly.

Is there any way around this? I've been told the concurrent key may be a solution (not free) but then I see there are other issues with the concurrent stuff.

Then there's the issue of forgetting to release the key and your laptop is back on the jobsite, not running. Talked to Tracy and he said they have plans to have a website that you can logon and release the key, but that is like so many of the other things that someday will come to fruition . . but in the mean time :mad: :confused:

Thanks for letting me vent, hope someone from Alibre will read this and respond. HOPE someone has a cool work-around to cut the frustration.