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Hello All,

My requests, don't know if possible, would be to
1) Fix or change the occurrence when trying to draw a line or reference line and you are trying to draw in the positive x direction you'd think that the angle should be 0, when you input 0 it draws it along the negative x direction, 180 degrees, when you type in the angle 180 degrees it draws it in the negative x direction which is correct. This is something I have brought up previously and if there is any confusion I can create a video.
2) When using pattern commands you create a bunch of repeated parts. I am asking for 1 of two options, if the part is fully defined pre pattern then after pattern it should automatically define all the new patterned parts since the original was fully defined.
2b) AND/OR add a command or tool that allows you to click it and it takes you through all the magnitude/position undefined lines/shapes and allows you to simply click one button and then run through a bunch of dimensions verifying they are correct. This is instead of having to click each dimension leader then click enter or the green arrow. Just think it should be simpler, maybe there is this button now, if so please point me to it!
3) When placing a shape; obround, round, etcetera, the shape is fully undefined red. This occurs even if the shape is placed on reference lines that fully define its position. Then since the shape is undefined you can drag it around and move it. When the shape is moved back onto the original reference lines where it was placed it is now fully defined, nothing else changing. I think this should be updated or changed so the initial placement is fully defined.

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Sorry ... my #4 as it's really been bugging me this morning!

When you select an analysis item in the analysis dialog, zoom right into the sketch, and centre the view on the issue, so that your not trying to find those orphaned items that are not visible at the current zoom level! And add a 'Restore View' button to the dialog once you've zoomed in to an item to allow you to return to the viewport you have when you first opened the analysis dialog (or even restore the view when you exit the analysis dialog would be better!)


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1) For CAM users (Like me), an option to show the Line and Curve Direction (with the option to reverse the direction of individual elements).

2) 3D Sketch dimensioning to have the same Accept/Reject (Tick/Cross) fields as in 2D Sketching.

3) 2D & 3D Sketch Angle Dimensioning. In addition to the standard long dimension entry field, have individual entry fields (boxes) above, for Deg, Min, Sec, that you TAB between to enter the values (each field is only active or displayed , dependant on the users angle dimension preferences set under Properties-Units).
Edit:- Have these "Boxes" whenever an Angle Dimension Input is required.
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1. Update projected reference lines when the face they represent is changed.
<admin> - if you project with "maintain association to source", the projected items will update. It sounds like you want fundamental geometry changes - i.e. you project a circle but change it later to a rectangle - you want the projected circle to update to become a rectangle?
2. The sketch tool "Arc to Start, end, radius" has a name so long it has to compress my sketch tools and all the labels are hidden. Change it (or just the name) so it doesn't do that and instead does what it does when changing the rectangle or spline pulldown, or even to tangent arc
3. (Probably not V23) Give us actively supported, integrated PDM since my company is beginning to transition to solidworks for better quality management through their PDM.

I just did some testing to better understand my issue. Once you change something more fundamental like removing a fillet then the projected sketch loses all referencing with the "target no longer available" status. Not sure how to fix that unless the projection knows you wanted the entire face, but even then your sketch constraints probably need adjustment. Bad request my apologies.

New request though! Please make coincident constraints visible (or an option to show them) so I can delete them. After some searching I just discovered the ctrl - drag trick but that is not so easy. It's frustrating when I've got things snapped or manually constrained together, and then I have to delete them to pull them back apart. I'm not sure if there's any other constraints not normally shown, but making them all visible would be helpful.


1. Setting the center of rotaion on selection or last selection (enable/disable in options) with the Spacemouse
It is very anoying to rotate around at the end of a long part. And i dont want to make thousands of extra rotationpoints in a menu.
This works already while holding the "rotation-mousebutton"(left or middle) and move the mouse a bit and then use the Spacemouse, but it is not very userfriendly.

2. The possibility of moving the camera betwen / in objects in "perspective mode".
If you fly with your Spacemouse into a buliding or something, you cant rotate the view without seeing only the outside walls,
no matter how far you zoom / fly in.

3. Human readable calculations of mass, surface, volume, center of mass.
I think it is ok to only see the last 3 numbers after a "." / "," and not X.XXXXXXXXXXE3
(You can make it optional in the settings for the spaceengenieers that maybe need this acuracy)


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3. Human readable calculations of mass, surface, volume, center of mass.
I think it is ok to only see the last 3 numbers after a "." / "," and not X.XXXXXXXXXXE3
(You can make it optional in the settings for the spaceengenieers that maybe need this acuracy)
1. When editing dimensions in the technical documentation (adding _ or n) the cursor jumps.
2. In the part or plate data, next to the material library, there should be an option to enter it manually without having to add it to the library.
3. Ability to import the AD_Thickness parameter into the appropriate text field in the technical documentation after adding the element views.
4. The data in the table disappear on the technical documentation sheet when adding or removing sheets, you need to update the views to restore them.
5. On the technical documentation sheet there is no possibility to manually select the direction of the dimensional arrows - inwards or outwards.
6. On the technical documentation sheet, after adding the element projection, the direction of this projection cannot be edited - it must be deleted and another one added.
7. On the technical documentation sheet, when adding a note, it would be useful to be able to set several reference arrows - now there is only one.
8. The assembly data can be displayed in the parts table as individual parts or as the entire assembly. Sometimes it is necessary to show a set of single parts in one drawing and a set of assemblies in another drawing - now it is impossible.


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1.- 2D Drawing WorkSpace: Have area momentums and Inertia & Cg respect to axis x & y (Area, Area Centroid, Area Moments) because I need this data for my parametric structural design process;
2.- Part WorksSpace 3D Sketch: Have a Surface development as Rhinoceros Software, because I need to do a complex surfaces from curve network;
3.- Assemble Workspace: To have a 3D sketch because some time I need to develop mobile structures that fixes some specific path. This path must be able to be constrained like a one-arm drill. It will be great as a product design process.
That are my priorities plus the Picture sized references improvement.
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When assembling frames with T-slot extrusion for example:

1.- When using configurations for the different length of profiles, it would me nice to be able to name automatically the new configuration from the length parameter of the extrusion. It could be to an option to "Name from parameter value". It would provide a link so if a change is made it is updated automatically.

2.-Also, in the assembly file, we could create a new part configuration. Like "Insert Configuration" by right-click on a part in the explorer and have a window to specify the new parameter value. In one click it would be possible to create a new part with the right parameter and right naming. I could even have an option to click 2 points (or 2 planes) in the assembly to get the new value.

3.-When using the Library, it would be nice to be able to suggest the new file name using the parameter value. (like Myfilename_ParameterValue.AD_PRT. Well, here if the value change it would be important to save on a different name.

The idea is to make sure that the value in the bill of material appearing through the configuration or the file name has the precise value. Sometime I do some small adjustment in length and I forget to change the name of the configuration.
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a little Bug in v22:
in design explorer the material is not showed correctly, the material showed is the material of the current part for all the parts.
If you edit a part, the others part material will be the edited one (it's only showed in the design explorer, the true part properties don't change).
Is it possible to fix it in the next v23?

View attachment 31979

[NOTE from Alibre - QA has been made aware of this post. The issue has been logged ]
How do you get the material showing?


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I would like to request that the Help section that is in the program be on the website somewhere. If theres someway to put it on there it would help me alot. I am going through the trial of Design Expert. I enjoy it, but when I am laying in bed or sitting on the couch, i would like to look through it while i am relaxing away from the desktop computer. If program's "Help Section" was on your site too, then i could look at it on my ipad when i am relaxing. Thanks
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Thanks for all the feedback. Going to close this thread since we have enough material for quite a while.
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