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v25 is now live - June 20, 2022


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And standard options (v24)


Looks like a duplicated setting has crept in.


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Looks like a duplicated setting has crept in.
That's what i found too :)

"quick fix":
Goto System Options/KeyboardShortcuts and then:

If you change the first occurence of the keyboard shortcut for Global Parameters:

click into field:

change shortcut for example to:

accept with OK-Button

Your shortcut to the Grid (CTRL-Shift-G) should now work as described in the HELP. (You also have a newly defined shortcut to GP) (as long as you don't reset the shortcuts to default...)



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@Max, Would have been nice to also have the show/hide icon along side parts and assemblies as they are the first things that I hide when trying to declutter the model ...



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I got this message from Trend Micro when updating to Alibre v25:

This is new, at least to me. What is TestWriteAccess.exe?

And then I get this:


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I know it's not an important item, but the Home page still says "Beta" in 2 places.

Sorry, I fell into the trap of launching the old version :) I just found out about the multiple versions.

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Hello everyone, first post in these forums here.

I have been using v24 for a few months now and just updated to v25. I am on a laptop with an iGPU (AMD Radeon) and a discrete GPU (RTX3060). I have selected the RTX in the system options, I went to the Graphics display in the Windows setting and set Alibre Design to "High Performance", but the software still uses the iGPU and the performance is annoyingly lower. v24 worked perfectly up till today when I updated.

Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to check another option somewhere?
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I did all that and it wasn't working. And then I thought about it...

I reinstalled v25, didn't do the graphics display setting and:

1) In the software's System Options it says it's using the AMD Radeon iGPU
2) The performance is great and when I use the software the Task Manager reports that the discrete GPU is being used. And so does the ASUS utility.

Could this be a bug, possibly?

P.S. This is a laptop with no mux switch for the GPUs...


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In modern dual GPU laptops, the integrated GPU is always connected to the screen - in 'high performance' mode it acts rather like a frame buffer between the discrete GPU and the screen.

Now that doesn't give a direct answer - but the 'switch' in system options pre-dates the arrangements for recent laptops.

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OK, fair enough. It's just that in v24, I'm pretty sure it worked as intended... Anyways, thanks for the quick responses.