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v27 Preview - Feature Pattern along Path


Alibre Super User
Very cool!
I have a couple suggestions for the dialog. Change the selection for spacing to be highlighted button selection like the constraint types in the constraint dialog.
Put the path objects selection before the instances. Usage flows better with the adjustments at the bottom.


Alibre Super User
Excellent Max,
The same concept would be very good inside the PartWorkspace Sketches and 2D Drawing WorkSpace Sketches with nodes as I mentioned before.


Senior Member
Congratulations, the selection "from center to center" and "total" like the one you have put in this feature would be nice also for linear patterns!


Alibre Super User
@Max, looks promising but your first example shows the need for a Tangent Propagate option (like the Fillet tool) to make this pattern tool more complete. Better to add it now than having to wait one or two version to have it added. I would find it frustrating to have to select each individual edge of a large casting in order to pattern a feature.