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V28, Major issues with multi sheet drawings causing Alibre to crash and freeze.

Hi All
I'm having some major issues with system freezing up when I try to change view type in 2nd sheet of a drawing.

I have checked my Template and it does seem to be happening after drawing gets to certain size???

Software locks up completely. I need to use windows task manager to shut down the program.

Has anyone experienced this?

Southern Pedro
Update on this problem.

I have finally had some success.

After rebuilding my template, I thought I had cracked it. 2 hours !!!!!

But alas when I got to the 2nd drawing sheet the same freeze happened.

So after more head scratching I decided to take a closer look at the assembly I was trying to draw. It had 2 configurations and I thought I could use the duplicate feature and change the configuration in the 2nd sheet.


The program froze as soon as I switched configuration and then tried to change view type.

To prove that the assembly as ok .

I saved the same assembly as another file name and then deleted the 2nd configuration. I left all the components in the 2nd config suppressed and unchanged.

Recreating the drawing again using the first (2 config ) file on the 1st sheet and the saved 1 config file on the 2nd sheet.


No program freeze occurred and I could switch the view types on the 2nd sheet with no problems.


Alibre needs to take a closer look at the duplication feature while using multi configuration assemblies.

Time to get to work

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