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Most modern cards made in the last 3-4 years should support DirectX 11. If your card does not support DirectX 11, you can use a compatibility mode but some features will not be available to you. It is strongly recommended to use a graphics card that supports DirectX 11.
4K Displays
If you use a 4K display (typically 3840x2160 or similar), 4 GB of Video RAM (VRAM) on your video card will likely be required, based on your designs. 6 GB of VRAM is recommended for 4K displays. If you do not have enough VRAM, you may experience sluggish visual performance during screen updates, for example during model rotation.

My system has the 16 gig of ram that I ordered but I know nothing about the V ram. The video card is an intel (R) 4600 which my It immersed buddy says is really basic low perfomance.. I am at a place where I need to be able to move sub assemblies and roll models which though rather simple it just freezes up on!!

Any comments would be appreciated. I cannot afford a 6-8hundred dollar video card. I Am running a decent Dell 20 inch monitor!!!! BUT NOTHING IS GETTING DONE OVER THE FREEZING UP ISSUE



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VRam is the amount of ram mounted on a graphics card.
Are you using a laptop or desktop? Laptops often don't have graphics cards. The screens are usually driven by and usually share memory with the cpu, unless you have a gaming laptop which normally has a built in separate video card with its own ram. (Vram) These are also not upgradable.
Do you have a 4K display?
I was using an nvidia 1050 at work until recently and it was fine.
it's an HP desktop!! quadcore i5 16 gig of ram. It did an update and for most of the evening it was doing fine. Like I said I'm moving assemblies around inside of assemblies! That appears to be it's limit. It started getting cranky!! I can't spend $600- $800 on a video card!! Like i said it was doing fine for a while!! I know just enough to be scary!! I really appreciate you guys dipping into your experience!!!


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You can find a GeForce GTX 1050 TI available for around $200 and performance wise they appear to be about 10x better than what you have. Just make sure to get one that fits your motherboard and case.


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Also you may get some improvement by dialling back on the performance customisation

In the extreme case you can switch to legacy display, but you'll lose some features. Plus legacy display won't be supported going forward.


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I also use that same card (with a 4K monitor) - occasionally things get a bit slow in AD, but I couldn't swear whether that is the card or something else.