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Viewport align in drawing sheet


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How can I align viewports according to part edge? Some of the flat patterns comes on the drawing sheet in not so nice angle.



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If they are all separate parts, then you need to define a custom view in the part, then select that custom view when you import the part into the drawing. You also need to constrain each part to it's own reference planes in order to remove the rotation out of them. (That is one problem you get if you create parts from an assembly, they are not tied to a reference plane, but are created in arbitrary 3d space!)


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Yes, but usually 3D cads have possibility to align drawing viewports. Alibre does not have this function or not? If no, then I just need to do that manually in Acad after DXF export...


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It would be kinda nice if you could select a couple of parallel edges in unrelated views & have Alibre hold them in alignment to each other.

We make a lot of little brackets and mounts out of strip stock/flat wire and I tend to show the part flat in a top view and formed in a front view. As Alibre is now (unless something's changed since 2018.2) I've been aligning the two views by eye or using one edge of the screen


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Existing 2D Drawing -> Export as DXF/DWG -> Save
- Close the 2D Drawing,

- Open/Import the DXF/DWG -> now the views in the 2D Drawing are no longer related to the 3D Parts/Assemblies,
- Activate Sketch On Sheet
- Do what you want (Move, Rotate, Offset ...)
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