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When is Alibre Script (Python 2.7) getting a update?

Does Alibre Script need a update?

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I really like the alibre script functionallity, but it looks like it is not maintained.
It is still running Python 2.7.10, which was realeased in 2015.
There have been some major updates that are not supported in the older version.
Also, it would be great if "numpy" functions could be imported.
A variable manager would also help.

Of course this can take a while to develop, but I have the notion that it is not maintained at all.


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Alibre Script is not just Python but built using IronPython. As far as I can tell NumPy doesn't directly work in the newest IronPython anyways.


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Just to be clear I have a large list of functions that I would like to see added to the AlibreX API and many would be great added to Alibre Script too - but updating to the newest IronPython wouldn't do any of those things. I also wanted to note that AlibreScript has been getting small updates nearly every Alibre release.