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Whether you're a 1 person shop or a global team, get your designs, patents, and manufacturing finished with Alibre Design. 
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Manage complexity
Complex projects managed simply. Drive dimensions of multiple parts from a single variable file, or Excel. Create part families. Focus on design, not administration.
Perfect documentation
Create beautiful documentation for manufacturing, patents, instructions, and archival. When you change the 3D model, the documentation updates automatically.
For any level of complexity
Many team just need simple, robust part creation. If you're more on the exotic side, Alibre Design has you covered with powerful tools to achieve nearly any geometry.
Easy Analysis
Alibre Design is full of the tools you need to prove out your design, from incredible section views to overlap detection and more.
Work with any CAD file
Alibre Design support working with STEP, IGES, SAT, STL, Parasolid, SolidWorks, Catia, Inventor, ProE/CREO, Solidedge, DWG, DXF, and PDF files.