Installer Troubleshooting

This page will assist you in sending us a log file to help diagnose your installation issue. Please read the instructions in full. These instructions will not help diagnose auto-update issues.

Part 1: Use the special installer

Step 1: Download the special installer that creates a log file automatically:
Step 2: Run the installer. 
Step 3: Wait until it completes or it fails.

Part 2: Find the Log File

If you aren't great with computers, watch the video instead of following the written instructions.
Step 1: Press the Start button.
Step 2: Type %temp% and press Enter.
Step 3: The Temp folder opens. Search it for   MSI*.LOG
Step 4: The LOG file should be in the search results. It should be MSI****.log where the * characters are random letters and numbers, such as MSIA93F.log. 
Step 5: Email the log file to support@alibre.com.

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