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11 Reasons to Buy Geomagic Design

  1. Get a complete product design, manufacturing, and exhibition platform

    Geomagic Design provides a comprehensive set of precise 3D modeling, sheet metal design, and associative 2D drafting tools capable of creating complex, multi thousand part projects. Geomagic CAM allows you to create toolpaths directly from your model inside Geomagic Design. KeyShot for Geomagic delivers photorealistic rendering to jazz up your website, brochure, or sales pitch.

  2. Communicate more effectively and win bids easier

    Take your 3D model and instantly turn it into a 3D PDF that can be opened by anyone with the free Adobe Reader to spin, rotate, and interact with. KeyShot allows you to make a photo of your concept, letting the customer get a feel for the finished product during the evaluation phase. With the combination of these tools, you can build a compelling portfolio of easy accessible content to market more effectively.

  3. Compatibility with software and machines

    Open and use SolidWorks, Pro/E, Inventor, Catia, Parasolid, and SolidEdge files directly inside Geomagic Design along with neutral formats such as STEP, SAT, and IGES. Import 3DM surfaces from MoI or Rhino. Export to many of these formats as well, and to STL for CAM/CNC/3D Printing, OBJ for rendering/animation, and SKP for SketchUp.

  4. Easy, easy, easy.

    Get up and running fast. Geomagic Design does not have 500 different tools. It has what you need in a easy-to-use interface. Our users often say we are much easier to learn than alternatives. If you already know a 3D CAD product such as SolidWorks, Pro/E, Inventor, or Catia you will basically be able to use our software instantly.

  5. Highest value proposition

    There is no other product on the market that even approaches the value proposition of Geomagic Design. For around 20% the cost of competitors, you get a complete set of 3D modeling, sheetmetal, drafting, assembly, rendering, document management, and motion simulation tools along with standard part libraries. Our optional annual software Subscription Service for updates and support is around 15% the cost of competitors. For the cost of one seat of a competitor and a year of their maintenance, you can give 5 people our top-level design suite.

  6. Thriving, diverse user base worldwide

    Join tens of thousands of other designers across 50 countries and 16 languages. Businesses, entrepreneurs, hackers, do-it-yourselfers, students, and everyone in between use Geomagic Design. Join our active user forum and social "showoff" site where you can post what you've made or ask questions.

  7. Easy to purchase

    Whether you purchase from a sales representative or a reseller, we don't require any hard-pressure demos, one-on-one meetings, on-site consultations or lengthy processes. You can buy and have it running inside of 10 minutes.

  8. Low barrier to entry

    Geomagic Design is fast to acquire, inexpensive to own and maintain, fast to train, and easy to upgrade. Its interoperability means you can open and use your existing models. It's also the only real 3D design solution on the market that has a non-crippled hobby version for under $200.

  9. We have software to fit your needs

    Our software is for people that design something physical. We have products for people that design birdhouses and racecars and everything in between. Whether your design requirements are simple or very complex, there is a version for you.

  10. Free training

    Geomagic Design comes with free built-in tutorials and access to a subsection of our video training series.

  11. Start simple and add functionality as you need it

    Geomagic Design comes in three flavors. Upgrading is hassle free and instantaneous.