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Redefining close quarters combat with the USG 12 automatic shotgun.

The USG 12 Rainmaker fully automatic multi-ammo shotgun is the brain child of a former US Army infantryman - Todd Aho of TAHO Designs.

Specialist Aho was stationed 40 miles south of Mosul in the city of Sharquat, Iraq when one of his fellow soldiers went through a personal tribulation during combat, so much so, that it led Todd to an absolutely revolutionary idea of a shotgun that could use non-lethal force, such as a beanbag round to control threats. He sketched out the idea for the RainMaker on his field pad and kept perfecting the idea. Fighting Iraqi insurgents in tight quarters helped hone the idea in Todd’s mind. This gave him the inspiration he needed for his first iteration of the USG12, a multi-ammo shotgun that he believes will change the way US combat troops use lethal and non-lethal weapons to put down threats in the field.

When Todd returned to the US after his last tour, he started his own company – TAHO Designs, their motto is “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” a phase made popular by the design Grand Master Leonardo da Vinci. During college a professor showed him Alibre Design 3D CAD Software and after doing a little research Todd knew Alibre was the perfect design productivity tool for his new company. “Alibre is very simple to learn – I learned it in 3 months!” said Aho, “anything that comes to our minds, we can build.”

A multi-ammo weapon is not a new idea, in fact some of the most prolific gun makers have tried and failed at the making them. In fact Browning and Kalashnikov both tried and failed. But TAHO Designs had a weapon of their own that these two historic gun makers did not have, the power of 3D design tool that allows you to parametrically change you design before you ever build a single part. In fact, Aho says, “Designing in 3D showed us how to make it work and really function.”

In the anatomy of a fight the infantryman needs versatility in urban situations. The USG 12 RainMaker is designed to have a double stacked divided magazine allowing two different types of rounds to be available at the same time. This allows for lethal and non-lethal rounds to be fired from the weapon at the discretion of the soldiers with the flip of a switch. When the bolt stops in the rear you can toggle the different rounds via a switch – this configuration also allows for military full auto configurations making the USG 12 a formidable weapon. This also allows the shooter to take a different approach to lethality, If soldiers enters a house and there are hostiles embedded but they don’t pose a threat to life it gives the soldiers the opportunity to secure the area and personal without lethal force.

TAHO Designs is also working on more weapons systems all designed using Alibre. In fact his next design will be a specialized side mounted pistol holster that allows the user to quickly push the pistol out, instead of the classic western draw. This puts the pistol in the hand much faster, while securing the gun while not in use, or as Todd would say: “Locked, Cocked and ready to Rock!”