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Yar Golf and Alibre Design

The Proof is in the Putting

Yar Golf's Alibre-modeled club makes a sensation in the golf world

If you take the putter out of the context of golf tradition and pose it as an intellectual challenge to a scientist, the results are Yar Golf’s GX1 technology.

"The GX1 Putter is one of only eight putters in the world today rated five stars," says Gerri Jordan, president of Yar Golf. "The GX1 Putter is also currently tied for the number one spot in the categories for accuracy, alignment, and sound, alongside putters that cost thousands of dollars more."

Sinking ball after ball with the GX1 feels like magic, but Jordan maintains it’s all science. Fundamentally, a putt is all about moments of inertia. Most bad putts are not a matter of a lack of skill, she argues, but rather owe to the fact that golfers are using flawed instruments.

One might have to have a Ph.D. to fully understand the physics behind the new putter. The science-minded can read the detailed explanation of "Parallel Axis Linearization" and "Perceived Aperture Symmetry" at the company website,

Getting concepts off the theoretical drawing board and into golfer’s hands, however, required 3D product development. The new enterprise found success using Alibre Design, a solid modeling application easy enough to learn in short order, and powerful enough to shape precision forms.

"At Yar Golf, we were able to acclimate to Alibre Design Expert, and go from written theory to full testing prototype production in less than 90 days," she says. "That is phenomenal. Alibre's product support is superior, and always had the solution if we encountered an issue."

The Alibre models were then translated into CNC code for machining prototypes and eventually for production of a precision mold. An ISO-certified aerospace facility cast the putter heads in stainless steel. After rounds of testing, Yar Golf put the design into full commercial production.

The proof is in the putting -- as the saying almost goes. In addition to achieving the 5-star rating by, Mike Purkey, editor of the Global Golf Post reports he made his lowest nine-hole score ever with the GX1 putter. Ed Gowan, Executive Director of the Arizona Golf Association, says he has not missed a putt inside five feet in a month while playing with the GX1.

The putter is not just recognized for its accuracy, it is also an important apparatus in what is called by the USGA as Adaptive Golf for players with disabilities.

"In 2009, the Yar Golf GX1 Putter changed golfing history when it was selected by the USGA executive board as the first and only golf club ever considered for a rule change under the auspices of their Adaptive Golf Program," says Jordan.

The putter’s improved balance offers greater control for golfers with prosthetics. Even for players who just have trouble bending over, the GX1’s wide footprint and circular openings can be used to pick up or place balls, markers, hole flags, and other clubs.

Surprisingly, prior to creating one of the most highly rated club designs in the world of golf, Yar Golf principals had no experience with 3D modelers.

"We utilize Alibre Design Expert, and believe it or not, it is the first commercially available CAD program we ever employed," says Jordan. "We tested numerous CAD programs, some that were tens of thousands of dollars, before investing Yar Golf's resources in Alibre Design Expert. The application is the easiest and most rewardingly economical CAD program on the market."

About Yar Golf

Yar Golf engineered, manufactures, and assembles the acclaimed GX1 putter in the USA. Yar Golf is a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) headquartered in Arizona. For more information, please visit: