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Yar Golf's putter hits the links on the PGA Tour

Summer is here and most of the lovers of “The Game” are out on the links trying to improve their score.

Alibre has a unique client, Yar Golf who uses our software to design this “0” MOI Putter.

For years, different golf companies have tried to design the perfectly balanced putter to improve a golfer’s score where they rack up the most points, on the green. Dr. Essay Anne Vanderbilt, the aerospace engineer designed a putter that can do just that - improve your ‘on green’ performance. Yar putters use the same MOI "balancing" in 3 axes that is used to "balance" an airplane in flight. Most other companies have been using bad physics in typical mainstream putters for years, while the technology from the ball to the types of grass used on the greens has improved.

The reason Yar is in the news is because their revolutionary putter is taking the PGA by storm. Back in May, near the beginning of the Tour, a player on the PGA Tour began using the YAR putter.

A switch to the Yar GX-1 WB putter has taken Aaron Baddeley to the top of the Tour’s putting statistics.

Prior to his switch to the Yar putter, Aaron Baddeley had consistently ranked in the mid-teens in the 2012 putting statistics through 10 events. He went to the Yar putter at the Wells Fargo Championship the first week of May and moved atop the putting statistics just four starts later following the U.S. Open.

One week later, after the end of June’s Travelers Championship, his lead in the putting category had grown. Heading into the AT&T Championship, the statistical leader had gained an average of .808 strokes per round, compared to .758 for the player ranked second.

In calculating the newly adopted “strokes gained” putting statistic, the Tour uses a formula developed by Columbia Business School Professor Mark Broadie that utilizes information gathered by the Tour’s ShotLink program. According to the Tour, “The number of putts a player takes from a specific distance is measured against a statistical baseline to determine the player's strokes gained or lost on a hole. The sum of the values for all holes played in a round minus the field average strokes gained/lost for the round is the player's strokes gained/lost for that round. The sum of strokes gained for each round are divided by total rounds played.”

For more information about the Yar Golf line of superior putters, visit their websiate at