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Geomagic Subscription Service
More bang for the buck.


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per year

Software   Support
Product Updates   Telephone/Email Support
 - New Releases**
 - Minor Updates
 - Bug fixes
 - Automatic updater
Speak with our in-house professional support team, available to help you work through issues Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm CST
Access to Betas  
 - Use new tools before anyone else
 - Direct Access to developers lets you give feedback
   on beta software implementation
Training   Licensing & Viewing
Alibre Exercise Guide - Free   Use Flex Licensing*
Our beginner level Exercise Guide PDF walks you step by step through the creation of multiple parts that combine into a moving assembly. Flex Licensing lets you quickly decommission your license(s) so they can be freed up for use on other web-enabled computers 24/7. Click here to learn more.
  Anyone can open your files
Give anyone a link that lets them download the free Geomagic Viewer, allowing them to view your native models, take measurements, and create redlines.
  Fastest possible license support
Computer crash? Need to rearrange your account? Used up all of your installs? Customers on Subscription skip to the front of the line and get resolution fast.


*Flex licensing is a separate purchase and not available for Personal Edition licenses.

**A separate subscription fee of $399 is necessary to maintain updates for Simulate.


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