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– Full-Featured 3D CAD for Any Idea

Comprehensive 3D part, assembly, and sheet-metal design power your virtual prototype. Automatic 2D Drawing creation and 3D export gets you to manufacturing.

– Add-ons Power Analysis and Production

Alibre Design’s creation platform is home to several 3rd party add-ons for CNC machining, Finite Element Analysis, Motion Simulation, and more.

– Fairly Priced CAD You Own, Not Rent

Alibre Design is yours. You don’t have to pay for it monthly or yearly or risk having your data taken away. Your valuable intellectual property is stored on your machine, where it belongs. You can outfit a team with Alibre Design for the cost a single seat of a competitor’s product.

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Today’s Featured Customer:
Micromagic Systems

What they do: Animatronic, robotic and puppet control systems and services to the film and television industry

“When I started the Mantis project it was a small two man team, and I needed CAD software that would be affordable and easy to learn as we were on a tight budget.

We used Alibre Design extensively to design every mechanical aspect of the machine, without which it would have been extremely difficult to make. Also having a model of the Mantis with opposable joints meant I was able to figure out what size trailer I would need to transport the machine in its smallest form.”

Matt Denton

Micromagic Systems

Powerful, affordable, and easy to use

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