Version 23

Primarily a bug-fix release with some nice features added in.
Shipped May 20, 2021

Features (6)

Enhancements & Bug Fixes (72)

Online Help & Revamp

Help is now available online

Help is now available at By default, clicking Help in the product takes you to the online version. An offline version is still available. You can toggle this with System Options > All Workspaces > General > Use Online Help if Available.

Help Overhaul (Round 1)

The Help has been overhauled to have consistent formatting with updated screenshots and a better structure. Many articles have been rewritten.


Search in the Online Help is vastly better than the search previously available in the Local Help. Local CHM Help is unaffected by this change.

Updated Interop Formats

See the list

Available online.

2D Sketch

Trimming Figures

Fixed an issue where trimming figures associated with Sketch Shapes could cause a stack trace and put Alibre Design in a bad state.

Sketch Text Font Height

Fixed an issue with Sketch Text using the "Font Height" option creating incorrectly sized text depending on the Windows DPI setting.

Dimension Scaling

Improved some cases where sketch dimensions would not scale properly during view changes


Exploded Views

Fixed an issue for exploded views where a target node was not updated in the reverse animation, causing unpredictable behavior.

Exploded Views

Fixed an issue where 3D PDF of an exploded view of an ASM with hidden parts doesn't work as expected.

Exploded Views

Fixed several issues with misplaced components and grouped steps for 3D PDFs with Exploded View functionality.

Internal Error

Fixed an issue where an internal error sporadically was seen when a part or an assembly is published to 3D PDF.



IADFace::Color api was not returning face color correctly for imported parts.


Physical Properties Performance

Fixed a performance issue where calculating physical properties would cause an assembly to fully load in some cases, potentially causing a significant delay.

Show Reference Geometry w/ Constraint dialog

Fixed an issue preventing the Show Reference Geometry tool from being used when the constraint dialog is open.

Suppressing Flexible Subassemblies

Fixed an issue where suppressing a flexible subassembly may result in unexpected behavior or an error.

Replace Component

Fixed an issue where using the Replace command to replace a part with a subassembly would cause the subassembly's reference geometry to remain static during model changes.

Persistent Save Button

Fixed an issue where the Save button is always active after opening some assemblies even though no changes were made.

Bill of Materials

Incorrect 0 values for quantity / weight

Fixed an issue where inactive configurations might show 0 values for quantity and weight due to light-loaded designs for inactive configs.

Legacy File Fix

Fixed an issue where some parts would show a mass of 0 in a BOM. Such parts were created in very old versions of Alibre Design and have null Mass & Distance units.

Default Column Size

Adjusted some default sizes for columns in BOMs


Selecting Geometry

Fixed an issue where it was difficult to select geometry within a Boolean workspace for constraint application.


Inaccessible Options

Fixed an issue in System Options that might make some of the options unavailable when no PDF print driver was installed on the system.

Hole Dialog

Fixed an issue in the Hole dialog where "Start Surface" doesn't populate with the selected face in some cases.

External Thread Geometry Filtering

Fixed an issue with the Filter by Geometry checkbox in External Threads occasionally working in an unexpected way.

Spanish Language Display tab

Fixed an issue where the Display tab not loading in the File Properties page in the Spanish Language version.


Uneditable Design Dimensions

Fixed an issue that might cause Design Dimensions to be uneditable in a 2D Drawing.

Sheet Scale with commas

Fixed an issue where a comma was not accepted while specifying scale values in "Edit Sheet Properties" dialog for languages where comma is decimal separator.

Reversing Section Might Misalign

Fixed an issue where reversing a drawing section view results in a misaligned View in some cases.

Field Population

Fixed an issue of fields not displaying properly when a design was light loaded.

Elliptical Figure Dimensions

Fixed an issue sometimes resulting in a stack trace or an unexpected result when double-clicking an elliptical figure with the dimension tool.

Show in Explorer when Explorer Hidden

Fixed an issue that caused a stack trace when the right-click > Show in Explorer was used when the Drawing Explorer was not visible.

Circle-Circle Loft Projection Issue

Fixed an issue that caused a stack trace when trying to project certain sheet metal parts that contain a Circle - Circle loft.

Hole Callouts on Flattened SMP

Fixed an issue that prevented adding / removing hole callouts via the popup on flattened sheetmetal parts in some cases.

Adding Sheets Could Clear Field Data

Fixed an issue with the Filter by Geometry checkbox in External Threads occasionally working in an unexpected way.

Wrong Line Scaling with Realtime Widths

Fixed an issue where line widths would incorrectly scale in secondary views, for example a Detail View, when realtime line widths are enabled.

Elliptical Figure Dimensions

Fixed an issue where parts whose projection might result in an ellipse would result in an unexpected circular dimension when a dimension is applied.

PCD for Flattened SMP

Fixed an issue where PCD lines for linear patterns of holes on a flange would not display on flat pattern projection.

Layer Weight Crash

Fixed an issue with changing layer weight sometimes causing a crash.

Feet and Inches

Fixed several bugs related to "Feet and Inches" that would result in exceptions, such as changing some layers or changing the scale of some views.

BOM Callouts for Shaded / Draft Views

Fixed an issue with the Filter by Geometry checkbox in External Threads occasionally working in an unexpected way.

Copying Custom Symbols

Fixed an issue that allowed custom symbols to be pasted from a drawing into a part workspace. Now the user is prompted to explode the custom symbol prior to copy/paste.

Dynamic Library

Implemented Versioning

For example, trying to import and use a dynamic library file created in a later version of the software than yours would cause unexpected results. It now errors gracefully.

Library Deletion Performance

Made significant performance improvement to deleting libraries. Some libraries could take tens of minutes to remove; there is now a 2-10x speedup.

Import / Export


Fixed an issue with part color / opacity sometimes not sticking during import / export.

Large File Import Performance

Fixed an issue where large files resulting in significant scene graph creation suffered extremely long import times. In such cases, the speed has been improved by 4-8x.


My Documents on a Network Drive

Fixed an issue where My Documents folders that are mapped to a network drive would cause install failure.

Incorrect .NET Prompt

Fixed an issue with the installer asking for a .NET version that already exists.


Imported Models with Incorrect KS Units

Fixed an issue where models imported into Alibre Design that have units other than centimeters might be the wrong size in Keyshot.

Too Many Faces

Fixed an issue where each model face was separated out inside Keyshot.

Rhino Files

Fixed bug preventing the transfer of model data to Keyshot when the data contains a Rhino file.

Transfer Speed

Improved the transfer speed for certain types of assemblies.

Material Library

Importing Libraries of the Same Name

Fixed an issue when importing a library of the same name as an existing library and made confirmation message clearer.

Renaming with Different Casing

Fixed an issue when renaming a library to the same character string with a different casing. For example renaming "MyLibrary" to "mylibrary".


Unopenable Parts

Fixed an uncommon issue related to plane management causing a part to not be openable.

Odd Cylindrical Geometry

An update to the ACIS kernel fixed an issue where a cylinder would unexpectedly taper in specific geometry conditions.

Selecting Sketch or Axis in Revolve

Fixed an issue where sketch and Axis selection disappears when we edit any of the Revolve feature in certain workflow.

This Extrude To Next

Fixed an issue with To Next where in some cases an unexpected result would occur.

Physical Properties

Feet and Inches

Fixed an issue where volume and surface area values were incorrect when the modeling units is Feet & Inches.


Temp Files not Removed

Temporary EMF files created during print preview are now removed when print preview is completed.

Sheet Metal

Rip Sketches

Fixed an issue that created unexpected results when using rip sketches in Convert to Sheet Metal and other tools.

Convert to SMP Crash

Fixed an issue during conversion to sheet metal that causes a crash on some geometry.

Convert to SMP Closing Assembly

Fixed an issue where using Convert to Sheet Metal while editing a part in the context of an assembly would cause the assembly to close, potentially causing work to be lost.

Circle-Circle Loft

Fixed an issue where Circle - Circle sheetmetal lofts might show errant geometry when further operations, such as Extrude Cut, are performed downstream.

Fillet Crash

Fixed an issue where adding fillets in a specific case causes a silent crash.

Lofted Flange Flat Patterns

Fixed several issues with lofted flanges silently failing upon flat pattern or unbend actions.


Duplicate Holes

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a duplicate hole to exist when editing a part with thread data that was not in the thread file.

Unusable Dialog

Fixed an issue with a workflow using hole / external thread tools that might result in an unusable dialog.

Internal / External Designations

Fixed an issue with the "External" and "Internal" designations for thread series in the thread definition XLXS file.

M-Files (3rd Party)

Custom Properties

A file's Properties window and the BoM window now only display custom properties that have been added to the Class properties in Vault. Previously Properties could be shown even if they could not be consumed by a BoM.


User Account with Special Characters

Fixed an issue where if the Windows User Account has special characters on an English OS Alibre Design would behave unpredictably or may not run at all.

Auto-hiding Taskbar

Fixed an issue where when the Windows Taskbar is set to auto-hide, it occasionally didn't when Alibre Design was set to full screen.

Spanish Language Version

Fixed an issue where the Spanish language version is not getting selected by default from the Installer's select language combo box on Spanish OS when installing Alibre



Fixed an issue where a workspace as a whole may seem "left-shifted" a few pixels, cutting off some text in the interface.
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