Features and Enhancements

Part Modeling

Auto scale sketch on first dimension Option

Automatically scales a sketch after the placement of the first dimension. 

Feature Mirror - Mirror Whole Part Option

Mirrors all geometry of a part across a plane. 

Slot Sketch Tools

Sketch linear and arc slots in sketch mode.

View Cube in Sketch Mode

View Cube is now available in Sketch Mode.

More Material Favorites

Material favorites have been expanded from 4 to 10.

Chamfer and Fillet Pattern Robustness

Chamfers and Fillets on Extrusion, Helix, Punch, Revolve, and Sweep features that consume multi-loop sketches could give odd results when patterned.

Some Draft Angles on specific geometry cases caused crashes 

Code has been hardened to avoid these issues.

Spline Sketches May Update Erratically

Sketches that contain splines may not update predictably when, for example, a spline edge is connected to a model edge that changes location.

3D Sketch Dimension tool on Toolbar

This button on the toolbar didn't work properly. The ribbon version did.

Features may incorrectly populate design boolean edit contexts

Part features may incorrectly also populate the Design Boolean editing session.

Trimming Elliptical figures

Certain combinations of overlapping figures involving ellipses might result in sub-figures being untrimmable.

Spline Sketches May Update Erratically

Sketches that contain splines may not update predictably when, for example, a spline edge is connected to a model edge that changes location.

Fractional Units Might have unexpected input parsing

When unit format is Fraction, some negative input values might result in unexpected behavior.


Show Component Reference Geometry Hotkey Customization

The keyboard shortcut to toggle a selected part or subassembly's reference geometry in an assembly is now customizable in Shortcuts > Assembly Editor > View. 

Assembly Regenerate Command On Toolbar Didn't Work

Assembly Regenerate button on toolbars didn't function in some scenarios. 

Alibre Toolbox 

Part and Folder names with an & may display incorrectly in the Toolbox UI.

Object Reference Error

The addition of some features may cause object reference errors if all of the following were true: The part is light loaded, the part is transitioned to fully loaded, there is a suppressed feature below the last topology producing feature, and that suppressed feature is above the dog bone.

AppearanceID Not supported by LightFace

An issue related to Assembly Holes throwing an error on assembly reopen has been fixed. 


Wait Cursors

Wait cursors have been added to several areas of the product that did not have them before, such as during regeneration or moving the dogbone and causing a recompute.

Make Drawing Button Error Message

Making a drawing of an imported but unsaved file using the Send To or Explorer icon now shows a prompt to save the file first.

Show Feature in Explorer for Reference Geometry

Right-clicking reference geometry on the canvas now has a Show Feature in Explorer tool.

Edited Feature is now shown in Design Explorer

Parts with long feature lists may not have shown (scrolled to) the feature being edited in the Design Explorer.

View Cube Robustness

Several issues related to View Cube have been implemented.

Drawing Enhancements

Duplicate Sheets

Ability to duplicate an entire sheet. Useful for duplicating a sheet and then changing the sheet's active configuration while maintaining dimensions and formatting.

Copy/Paste Drawing Views

Copy a view with all its annotations and paste elsewhere in the drawing. If the view is a dependent view, the primary view is also copied. 

Undo/Redo regarding Drawing Sheet Operations

Several bugs related to undoing and redoing the creation or deletion of drawing sheets have been implemented.

Manually Created Centerlines Might Disappear

Centerlines added with the Centerline tool might disappear when Centerlines are automatically added view-wide.

Edges offset in Drawings (Shaded and Fast Views)

Some edges might be offset from their actual locations when using Shaded or Fast view styles. Typically this might occur where a planar face met a cylindrical face tangentially.

Hole Callout Data Disappeared

Some workflows resulted in Hole Callouts disappearing from a drawing.

Disassociated Dimensions

Additional cases of disassociated dimensions from model geometry changes have been caught and addressed.

Real Time Dimensioning with zero angle

Sometimes odd results happen when setting an angle to 0 in real time dimensions.

Legacy PDF Writer Crash

An issue that might crash the software when printing to PDF using the legacy PDF option has been addressed.

Centerlines inconsistent

Manual and automatic centerlines might behave inconsistently in dependent views such as section or detail views.

Object Reference Error when double-clicking a dimension

Drawings in read-only mode might throw an exception when a dimension is double clicked.

Some circles cannot be dimensioned

New dynamic tolerancing of circle detection fixes issue of some specific circles not being dimensionable..

Import & Components

New Import Formats

Parasolid 35.1, 36.0, 36.1
Solid Edge 2024
SolidWorks 2024
NX 2306 (2023 Jun.), NX 2312 (2023 Dec. version)
Inventor 2024, Inventor 2025
Catia V5_6R2023, Catia V5_6R2024
Creo 10.0


ACIS Modeling Kernel          R2023
2D DCM Constraint Manager    2D_DCM761
3D DCM Constraint Manager    3D_DCM610
HOOPS Exchange              2024.3
HOOPS Visualize              2024.3
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