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Alibre Design Expert is a 3D Engineering Platform That Helps Businesses Excel

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✔ Production ready 3D models 
✔ Advanced Sheet Metal design
✔ Production ready 2D documentation
✔ Work with almost all CAD formats
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✔ Extend with CAM, FEA, and more
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Everything you need to make anything you need.

An advanced yet easy-to-use part modeling system built on precision and purpose-built for manufacturing. It’s fully parametric and feature-based. Like digital clay, you’ll add and remove pieces until your part is complete. Master a few basics, and it’s off to the races.

A true digital copy of the entire product

Whether simple or complex, combine parts together to bring the digital product to life. Define relationships that mimic real life and test movement, range of motion, and interferences. Query physical properties like weight or volume, and easily edit any part right in the assembly.

One place for all your sheet metal design

Cheap and efficient – sheet parts are common components for enclosures, connections, and a lot more. Alibre Design takes care of all the math – you focus on what the part needs to do. View flat patterns with one click to check for overlaps and create with confidence.

Manufacturing and patent drawings – done.

Simple and comprehensive 2D detailing of your 3D designs to your company’s standards. Drawings update when you change the model. Include full-color images of your design, a bill of materials, exploded views, tables, and much more. Publish to PDF, DWG, or DXF.

Make beautiful images for all your stakeholders

Turn your CAD models into breathtaking digital photographs using a powerful drag-and-drop rendering engine. It’s super easy, real-time, and doesn’t need a crazy graphics card. Make images for websites, brochures, and presentations in just a few minutes.

Alibre Script - Unleash the power of scripting

Alibre Script is a built-in scripting language based on Python. It lets you access Alibre Design features so you can programmatically execute commands. Save time by automating repetitive tasks or build powerful programs that create entire parts or even assemblies to your specifications.