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global parameters

  1. Brandon_Velmex

    Global Parameter for Part Suppression?

    I have an assembly which I am controlling with a global parameter file. The assembly is somewhat complicated in that there are about a dozen or more different add-ons that can be added, like different adaptor plates, handles, and extra parts, etc. Is there a way to use the global parameter file...
  2. S

    Any good way of merging two global parameter files?

    Title says it all.
  3. D

    idea: Folders/tree style in GPF (Global Parameters File)

    Folders/tree style in GPF (Global Parameters File) As the title states, I would like to have a "tree" "folder" structure added to Global Parameters file (only for visual effect for organizational purposes for the user) this would make tracking/editing things so much easier! After 20+ values...