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  1. D

    How to access the owner of a parameter in a part through API?

    Looking at the Equation Editor, I can see multiple parameters. i.e. A1, A2.... with Equations, Result, Type, Owner, Source, Comment. Iterating through the parameters in the file: The owner value is missing. part = CurrentPart() for i in range(len(part.Parameters))...
  2. Brandon

    Need help with lofting (guides)

    Hello Everyone, Hope all is well. I am currently trying to model a F-104 jet, and I am currently in the fuselage phase. However, I can't seem to loft two sketches using a sketch guide, and I've been stuck on it for a while. Below, I have attached a file to my current work, so you can resolve...
  3. Brandon

    Problem with circular pattern

    Hi everyone, I am currently a beginner using the AlibreAtom3D free trial, and I'm working on a jet tutorial by JOKO Engineering. So far in his tutorial, I am up to (at the specific time stamp). For some reason, I cannot do the loft. I have re-watched the video from the beginning twice and...
  4. NateLiquidGravity

    Drawing section view question

    Is there a way to create section views that shows all parts starting at a cross section line but only until a certain depth? Like the removed section view but with user specified depth? I'd be really happy if I missed it somewhere. It stinks having to hide numerous parts behind what I want to show.