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2D View Alignment Help... Please!!!

Alibre Design Expert V27 User

I started a 2D Drawing and selected Front, Side and Back Standard Views and inserted them into my Drawing Template - Sheet<1>. I begin dimensioning the views and realized I didn't have as much detail as I wanted, so changed the scale from 1= 6 to 1=4. This was great from a detail POV, but now I was running out of room for my dimensions and notes. SOOOOOO... I moved the Side and Back Views to a new Sheet<2>. However, now the Views are no longer Aligned and I cannot figure out how to do it.

Is this even possible, or do I have to use a work around like Snapping to a Grid?

Many Thanks and God Bless!



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Views can only be aligned to the Primary (or parent) view - typically the 'Front' view.
OK. Thank you! That should be a new View Function Suggestion/Ticket. The ability to Align random views by selecting a point from each view and aligning the points in either an X axis or a Y axis.