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Alibre V8


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Alibre V8

Hi when are we having some information about Alibre V8? if is coming soon can we have some info related to the new improvements? I have read about the new pricing but that is not a problem for me, all I would like to know is to have some idea what to expect in Alibre V8. even with out the offer still the price is great but at the end what it matters for me is if the new features in alibre v8 are going to let me use alibre more efficiently for my modeling goals



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Alibre Design 8.0 coming soon, two months free...
Planned for release this summer, version 8.0 has some extremely powerful new features including support for 3D sketches, surfaces and freeform solid features, associative Booleans for mold design, an API for customization and numerous user interface enhancements.

This is what was in the email that I got. I am assuming that V8 will be here June to July some time.


Version 8

Hi, I received an e-mail yesterday about a problem that I was having and was told that Version 8 would be out at the end of August.


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Thanks for your comments!, i hope soon we can have a an idea of the features in the new version