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I've had an account on LinkedIn since before I retired and still check in when ever I get an email notice. I follow a few different organizations including KeyShot, NASA , Alibre, and SolidWorks. I always see posts and announcements from KeyShot, NASA, and especially SW and a variety of SW users, mostly I think are students advertising their skill level with the program but a few of them are engineers posting their latest creation. What I don't see are any posts or announcements from Alibre and I think that is an avenue for advertising that is being missed.

Just thinking out loud here, but if a lot of designers/engineers are using LinkedIn to further their careers I wonder if it could be that SW is taking advantage of posting in LinkedIn as a way to increase sales, or at least increase the number of users? And I wonder if Alibre would post on LinkedIn some of those designers/engineers would look at Alibre as a design tool for themselves.