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Back after many, many years...


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I paid $2000.00 for Alibre back in the 90's {I think, maybe before that} and shelfed it because learning was too confusing and cumbersome. I just came back and I'm not finding clear step by step direction....from the beginning. If anyone can point me in the proper direction, I would appreciate it. Seems like there are many topics, but not a step by step learning program.



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I'm not aware of any step by step courses but if your persistent, ask questions and work your way through tutorial videos you'll pick it up quickly.

Have you upgraded to a more recent version of Alibre?

If you'll browse through the Tutorials and Tips subforum, you'll find lots of tutorial videos. That will help you get started.

Whenever you run into trouble, this forum is a great place for help

Also, there is a list of links to Alibre Atom tutorials for beginners here. Atom is cut down, lacking alot of convenience tools, so learning to do things the "Atom" way, is a good training tool.
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This is the training site for modern versions.
There are step by step tutorials there, but I'm not sure how much applies to that old of a version.
Did you even get a version from the 90's to run?


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I've upgraded to the current Expert version.

I've been travelling and couldn't post from my phone.
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and support. I also found that I had purchased the 4 disk instructional CD's that Alibre offered some time ago, so I have plenty of learning, and lessons to pursue.