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I have multiple drawing files, each with a single sheet, showing different subassemblies and parts, all from the same top level assembly. I would like to organize all the drawing sheets in a single drawing file. I think that this might make it easier to package the one main drawing file and then restore the project package on a different file system. Without consolidating the drawing files, I think I will need to package each drawing and then restore each package at the new location. This seems inefficient since all the drawings depend upon so many of the same assemblies and parts.


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Hmm.. I see what you are looking for.

If you simply want the drawing sheets all in one file, then you can publish to PDF and append each drawing in turn.

I don't see any easy way to get everything into a single Package file or similar - PDM when it becomes available may offer a simpler way forward regarding transferring all files for a project.

Based on experience of handling support cases (from before the 'Package' file existed, and from when people don't send files as a package) You can try copying all the files at once to a portable storage device, then transfer to other computer - generally there will be very limited re-linking needed (the problems start if the original file locations are also accessible).

Others may have some alternate suggestions.