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Deep Dive on Catalog Features: How to, and Where To, use them!!!

Ex Machina

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A deep dive on Catalog Features. I talk about how to make them, how to use them, and where they can add value!

Catalog Features are a great way to repeat a single feature or a single sketch. It is often the case that a single sketch needs to be repeated over and over, like a logo, or a feature, like a particular dovetail or joint. In that case, Catalog Features are the ideal tool.

Let me know if you use Catalog Features and what you've made with them. Or if you have any question on whether a workflow can be converted to a Catalog Feature. It's a pretty interesting tool!


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Ex Machina

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I use catalog features for things like standard electrical/electronic connector cut-outs in panels, etc.
Oh, that's a cool application actually! And you can include in the same feature the shape cut out and the clearance holes for bolts and whatnot... Clever and cool application!