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How to Excel in Alibre! Connecting spreadsheets to part parameters

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The excel add-in in Alibre offers amazing capabilities! You can drive parameters off of tables with lookup functions, find specific values with INDEX and MATCH function combos, use logical functions and much more.
But more to the point, you can drive multiple parts from one spreadsheet or a single part from multiple spreadsheets! So, the excel add in can be used as a stand in for Global Parameters, even if it isn't as automated as that.

But the most important thing is that it is available in all versions of Alibre, even Atom 3D! Imagine that! Global Parameters in Atom 3D!

Here's the Help Article on how to install it:

And here's my video on how to use it:

P.S. I am attaching the files seen in the video here. The zip file should contain only the spreadsheet. I have an active licence of BitDefender Total Security protecting my PC but as with any zip and Excel file, please do a quick scan before unpacking.


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