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Keyshot and GPU mode


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Hello everyone.
My dealer informed me that you can download the new version of Keyshot 2023 at this link: https://www.keyshot.com/resources/downloads/
Well, with this version I can't work using the GPU, despite the Keyshot support page says my GPU is supported....(I have a Nvidia Quadro P2000 updated with the latest available drivers)
has anyone else had the same thing happen to them?
Version 11 works and activates normally....


Alibre Support
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After a cursory look on the Keyshot forum, it seems some users have trouble using GPU mode regardless of their installed version. You may need to check the Keyshot manual and verify that the latest driver for your Quadro card is supported. You may have to backtrack to the previous driver for the GPU mode to work until Keyshot can support the latest one. Good luck!