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KeyShot Exporting


Could be a dumb question, as I'm relatively "green" with my KeyShot knowledge, but the program shows a lot of options for file export, but doesn't actually let you use them.

Screenshot 2022-09-22 103103.jpg

Is this something to do with the version of Keyshot that you get with Alibre? Or am I just missing something/doing something wrong? I have tried with both V10.2 and now V11.

My hope is to be able to take a model from Alibre, render in Keyshot, and then export in GLB. Any idea if this is possible?



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Is this something to do with the version of Keyshot that you get with Alibre?
The version you get with Alibre is the "for CAD" version. It's a cutdown version specifically for use with partner CAD programs, that only allows import/export of .BIP files and connection to the CAD program through their data link API. If you want do do more, then you need KeyShot Pro which I think is $1000+ ! The Pro version is more standalone, and way more feature rich, for use with any CAD or 3D modeller application.

The only thing you can export from KeyShot for CAD is .bip or final rendered .jpg/.png files

Does anyone here have the full KeyShot Pro license that unlocks the other export formats? What I'm ultimately interested in finding out is if the joint/constraint information is somehow preserved in the USD format, because I see a potential path from Alibre Design-> KeyShot -> USD -> SDF -> PyBullet. If KeyShot Pro is standalone, how does one load a complete Assembly, where now one sends it? In my brief poking around in the "for CAD" version, I don't see many options for importing things, whereas the export formats are apparently there but disabled.



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KeyShot imports a bip file for rendering. It will maintain the assembly order but does not retain any constraints, at least not in my v11 Pro. You can animate your assembly but you need to assign the motion to the parts/assemblies.

A good place to find answers to your questions in on the Luxion/KeyShot web site and look into their webinars, tutorials, and quick tips.