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Long wait time to create PDF of 2D drawing


Is anyone else experiencing long times for creating PDF's of 2D drawings? I know it may not seem long but 1.5-2 minutes per can add up. Did any of the last few updates change anything that would require any computer upgrades via graphics card or memory? I can't find any settings in the system options related to PDF's. I had several drawings to do yesterday and I spent a couple of hours just on creating PDF's.


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Mine takes about 2 seconds to save a drawing to .pdf.

What are your computer specss. As in make/model, CPU, memory, etc?

If you provide the CAD model, I can try to save to pdf on my PC and see if the issue is with your model.


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Those computer specs are plenty. I doubt that your computer specs have anything to do with it.

What .pdf writer are you using? I've been using Microsoft Print to PDF. It's been working pretty well.



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Check output if using Microsoft print to PDF, it has been known to mess things up.

Built in PDF writer is usually good.

Always good idea to try an alternate writer if you have problems or slow down.